Tuesday, 15 September 2009

ok so i did these a few weeks ago, but this is my entry to "mail me art 2" i loved the first mail me and was really pleased to find out i could take part this time round:) check the site out here!!
fun with beards!!! heres the first of a little series of sketches i like to call "the weirdy weirdy weird beards"
because everyone loves a weird beard right???

first post!!!

wooot, so the last 18 months ... weird and a bit scary... but!!! now is a time i feel my life turning around, "so i will start a blog", i say to myself...... a place a can pop down all the uninteresting things that i get up to, my attempt at getting back to a "normal" and creative lifestyle:) should be worth a read ey!!! hahaha.

well........... i suppose.... we shall see!!!